Best Qualities of Packers and Movers in Gurgaon

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Gurgaon is a leading IT hub of our country, and there is always a need for professionals here. People come from all over the country to work and stay

That’s why people look for companies who can assist them in relocating. Packers and Movers company in Gurgaon have become crucial in the city. But there have been some scams too.

If you are also looking for a Packers and Movers in Gurgaon,Guest Posting make sure they have the following qualities.

Good Experience

It is essential to know that the Movers and Packers company has some experience. Only the best companies service in the long run, and if a company is offering their service even after many years, you can rely on their services.

Reasonable Rates

Some scam companies offer various discounts to lure people. Most often than not, their services are trash. They want your money. You have to calculate the expense incurred by the company and set your budget accordingly. For example, if you are moving from Gurgaon to Lucknow or vice versa, you should calculate the expense per the distance and current charges.

Specialized Workforce

You should also check that the company has experienced people who know their business. You don’t want your valuable items handled by immature people. Handling of goods is a very significant part of Packers and Movers business. You can check the customer reviews to make sure how the personnel work of a particular company.

Time Management

When going from one place to another, the company has to make sure they deliver the goods on time. You can not take any emergency which might occur unexpectedly but still have some spare time so that the items reach the destination on time. While reviewing a company, check that they have delivered products on time. A dedicated Packers and Movers company will know exactly how much time it will take to move items from one place to other.

Insurance Coverage

A renowned Movers and Packers will always ensure your goods before transit. It will not only relax the customers but also make sure that the company is trustworthy. In case of damage, the claim procedure should be simple. You can ask the company whether they insure your good or what value they offer on your items.

Customer Support

Every good company has a customer support team to clear customer issues. It is a customer-focused business that operates based on client pleasure. Resolving customer queries should be the prime focus in case of any mishap.

After making sure that you have selected the best Movers and Packers as per you, here is how you should prepare for a tension-free relocation.

The Best Way to Move Without any Tension

Know What You Have to Move

There are a lot of items in your house which you need rarely. These are the items that you should skip to make space for essential items. The item list should depend on the duration for which you are relocating. For example, if you are moving for a few months only, you can consider moving only the essential items. Make a list in advance and check the things you have packed to don’t forget any item.

Item Names on The Boxes

Once the item is packed, you should write a name on the box. You should also mention the nature of the goods in the box. For example, if you have any expensive antique, you can note that this item is fragile. You can also do this for any glass item. The packing matters most in such things, so make sure to pack them as best as you can.

Item Safety

It would help if you used antistatic bubble wrap to cover your items. These bubbles are available in all the local markets so that you can get them quickly. All the big companies use bubble wrap to deliver the goods. When it comes to retaining important things, packaging tapes are best. Packaging tapes are more durable and keep objects in place securely.


A Packer and Mover company is directly responsible for the goods when it is in transit. They have to bear the transit risks associated with it. Anyone can start a Mover and Packer company, but it is tough to build a market reputation. is one such Packer and Mover company in Gurgaon which you can trust. They have a 100% safety record and guarantee that they will move your valuable items without any risks.

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Never Skip These Details In An Offer Letter Format!

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In this blog, we will talk about one of the most important letters in the corporate world, i.e. offer letters. We will tell you some crucial details that should never be missed in an offer letter format.

Since HR managers are the ones who draft and send business letters on a frequent basis,Guest Posting they clearly know the importance of every letter. Needless to say, business letters create an impression on the organization or person it is sent to. This is certainly why HRs are always expected to be mindful while choosing HR letter format and drafting it.

In this blog, we will talk about one of the most important letters in the corporate world, i.e. offer letters. We will tell you some crucial details that should never be missed in an offer letter format.

Before discussing anything, let’s know the definition and importance of this letter.

An offer letter is a document that is given by companies to their selected candidates. It is used to formally spell out the details about the offer, highlight the job’s responsibilities and explain the details of the organization to a new employee. In essence, offer letters not just mark the beginning of a positive employment journey but also set the right and clear expectations.

Now, let’s talk about its importance. Contrary to a lot of beliefs, offer letters are important for both employees as well as organizations. When it comes to employees, it helps them to prove their employment. And for companies, an offer letter is the very first point of contact between a candidate and an employer – and making this first impression a good one is critical for them, too.

So, now that we know the meaning as well as the importance of offer letters, take a look at the top 5 critical information that should always be included in it:


The designation of the selected candidate should always be spelled out in bold letters. Along with that, HRs should also add his/her duties and responsibilities. Adding these details will give a clear picture to employees and leave them with no doubt about their role. Also, not including designation in the offer letter format will have a negative impact on employees, which no company wants.

Reporting Manager

Most often, candidates do not get a chance to meet his or her reporting manager (RM) during the selection process. Like any other information, employees should also be informed about who they will be reporting. HR managers should mention the name and designation of the RM. To add more value to the letter, one can even brief the hierarchy of reporting. This will help a new employee to understand the system in which members of the company are ranked.


This is one of the most crucial elements to be included in the offer letter format. Let’s face it, the first thing every employee looks for when s/he receives the letter is the salary details. Keeping this in mind, HR professionals should always highlight every information related to salary, from deductions, benefits to CTC.

Joining Date

The fourth must-have information in an offer letter is the joining date. Now, spelling out joining date and time can help employees to avoid confusion and show up at the right time/date. Apart from this, offer letters come in handy and aid employees in various ways. Say, for instance, if an employee has to take a loan, s/he will be asked for the offer letter to prove his/her employment period. In such cases, they look for the joining date.

Location of The Company

The fifth information every HR manager should include in the letter is the right address of the office where the new employee is supposed to work. This is certainly important for MNCs and large organizations that have different branches and offices.

So, these are the top five details that should never be forgotten in an offer letter format. Last but not least, before sending the letter to the employee, HR managers should always proofread it and make sure that there is no mistake. Once it is done, the letter will be good to go!

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Why Caring For White Gold Wedding Band Is As Crucial As Buying The Right One?

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Every piece of jewellery often requires care and an occasional clean-up. You don’t need to invest in fine jewellery, as it can end in a lack of looking lustre after a while. To purchase the right pieces, the white gold wedding band is important.

Every piece of jewelry often requires care and an occasional clean-up. You don’t need to invest in fine jewelry,Guest Posting as it can end in a lack of looking luster after a while. To purchase the right pieces, the white gold wedding band is important.

Every piece needs the right amount of care and attention. We are here to provide you with the best tips to take care of and clean your jewelry.

Here are some expert’s tips to take care of your 18k gold ring men:

Store your jewelry well

Don’t store your jewelry along with your clothes. The pieces of the jewelry might get scratch and exposed to chemicals. It would help if you stored your jewelry in a specifically designed box to keep it properly. Boxes or vanity cases with separate slots for rings, bracelets, and necklaces are also good places to store.

Pay attention to the jewelry

When it comes to the cleansing process, many people usually don’t take into detail their gold rings, bands, chains, or other such items. It is advised to clean your 18k gold ring mens every 6 to 12 months and also polish them if needed.

Work of polishing cloth

Microfiber polishing cloth, like the one used to clean sunglasses, is also an alternative cleansing method. Polishing is a quicker option. You can clean your pendants, nose pins, and gold rings quickly to get their glow back.

Light and heat effects much

If your jewelry remains in the hot sun outside for a long time, it might lead to an adverse effect on your jewelry. Some of the gemstones are vulnerable to heat, while others bleach under the sun. Excessive heat can also lead to fractures and cracks in the gemstone.

Chemicals are dangerous

Daily uses chemicals like hairspray, cosmetics, and perfume to discolor precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver. They can also damage pearls. You should remove all jewelry items before going to swimming pools. You should apply perfume only in areas that are without jewelry.

The usefulness of ultrasonic cleaner

This serves to be the best option to clean your jewelry, but you should take care of doing that. Some gems and jewels can either crack or chip under the pressure of the cleanse. You can also use the cleanse for diamond rings, hard metals, and necklaces.

Care and repair

If you have any issues regarding your jewelry, you should take it near your local jeweler. They’ll be happy to help you and give their best to keep the jewelry up to the mark. You’ll get to have certain tidbits and essential things to keep your jewelry in great shape:

General care

Jewelry is delicate, is it’s important to take proper care of it.

If you are involved in any activity that can damage your jewelry, then take off your white gold wedding band.

Take it off before going to bed

Please keep it away from chemicals like chlorine. However, if the chemicals come in contact with the jewelry, clean it immediately with water.

Apply lotions and perfume before wearing your jewelry, or else it can d cause damage to stones like pearls and opals.

Store it in a different place, like a soft-lined box or case, to prevent it from scratches.

We enhearten you to take this article in a wise sense as it is filled with some major ideas on dealing with your jewelry. We understand the value of your precious jewelry collection. If you use these tips, you can keep your jewels dazzle all the time.

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Top Reasons to Hire a Marketing Consultant For Your Small Business

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If you have worked hard to grow your small business but noticed that sales have hit a plateau, it is time to consider hiring a marketing consultant. You may not think that a stranger could do the marketing job you can but there is a reason why your growth has only gone so far. A professional consultant that specialises in small business, especially your niche, can help you break through that plateau and garner new clients.

Why You Need to Hire Outside Marketing Help

With a small business, you probably have a small staff and they may not have the in-depth, intimate knowledge of the goods and services you offer. They will have the broad general knowledge but they likely cannot help you put together a detailed and effective marketing plan. By hiring an outside marketing consultant, you are not only getting that upward push in business but also their personal knowledge too. Once your marketing project is finished, you will have learned some valuable tips to maintain your momentum in sales.

Another reason to hire a consultant for your small business promotional needs is that all of your in-house labour resources are most certainly tapped out and you cannot afford to hire another employee. The beauty of a consultant is that they are there to help you with your project and once it is done, they are gone. You do not have to pay health insurance and payroll taxes as you would with an employee.

Fresh Perspective

Building your business from the ground up, you can be too close to offer a fresh perspective for your marketing efforts. However, hiring a consultant who is not personally vested in your small business can help you see the things you have missed. They can also bring new ideas to the table, things you may not ever think of because of your intimate knowledge.

You cannot devote the time you need in developing and improving your core products and services if you are busy trying to promote your company. You can have a revolutionary product but without knowing how to properly market it, it is dead in the water. You may not want to spend the money on an outside professional, but without a consultant’s expertise, your small business could be robbed of the growth and success it deserves.

Focus on what you do best and hire a marketing consultant to help you bring your products and services to the right clientele. You may have great marketing ideas but no clue on how to implement them. By hiring an outside consultant for your small business marketing needs, you will boost sales.

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SEO Agencies and Consultants

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SEO which is an abbreviation for search engine optimization can help in increasing the traffic to your website, and it helps in increasing the ranking of your site in different search engines. You can find many SEO consultants and agencies that provide you with efficient SEO services to flourish your business. You can implement SEO tools on your site, but you require an SEO consultant to boost the ranking of the website in the most efficient manner.

You can hire many different freelancer SEO consultants and SEO agencies to develop SEO for your website. The freelance SEO services are less expensive as compared to the SEO agencies.

While juggling different financial burdens while starting a business, everyone looks for affordable ways to increase the ranking of their businesses; SEO is gaining popularity among different businesses to generate traffic towards their website as it costs you very less and produces beneficial results.

The process followed by the SEO consultant and agencies are somewhat the same. They develop the website by choosing the most attractive, unique and creative keywords and help with technical optimization. They will help in building links to your website to generate the traffic through different ways. They also recommend different ways to help in monitoring reports of improvements in your business.

You should hire the SEO agency after seeking assurance about the credibility, performance and the reliability of the person who is going to help you with your SEO. You can hire after taking reviews from different customers who have experienced working with that agency or freelance consultant. The person who you are hiring for your SEO should be experienced, because the amateur consultants can damage the search engine rankings of your website.

The SEO agency or the consultant you are hiring should be experienced and he should use the latest methods and technologies to optimize your business or website. You can find many consultants who offer their services with the money back guarantee.

The SEO Company should provide their services by targeting a specific area or a region by localized or region based search. This will help you target a specific group of people more easily.

Nowadays, with the growing technologies, SEO has become very easy. You can increase your visibility by adding social media optimization through different tools like blogs and different social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. You should look for the best packages the SEO consultant is providing for social media optimization services.

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How to Quickly Find a Top Consulting Company

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Hiring a top consulting company has the potential to take your business from mediocrity to millions.

A good consultant can realistically increase your bottom line by 1000% percent or more, in a relatively short amount of time. A poor consultant could waste more than just your money, they could waste your precious time, energy, and patience – doing things that are ineffective and impractical.

Consulting, unlike most every other profession, doesn’t require a new consultant to get any certification or pass a test. Anyone can claim to be a consultant.

The problem is, most consultants are incredibly expensive – that is, they charge astronomical fees before they make you a cent. They can’t guarantee their work because they don’t use proven approaches to grow your business. And, they typically work harder convincing you to write them a retainer check than to make you business more profitable.

I’ve been duped by a smooth talking salesperson before, and my job now is to protect you against these predators.

Here are three things that I wish I started doing years ago when I was hiring a consultant:

  1. Negotiate (or at least ask) if they will accept payment based on performance instead of upfront. You will immediately weed out the consultants that are only after getting their retainer check, and abandoning your business with a PowerPoint and a handshake – instead of tangible profits in your bank account. Most are taught great closing sales techniques, but nothing about how to make your business more money.
  2. Do a trial run. Get on the phone with the consultant and see what they’re made of. If they don’t impress you now and give you at least one tangible solution to your problem, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to help your business after you hire them.
  3. Make them guarantee their work. If you do decide to fork over a big check before you see tangible results, ask if they’ll guarantee their work. Set realistic goals for them to strive for. Put in your contract this caveat: if they don’t accomplish the goal(s) you laid out, have them refund all or part of their fee. If they won’t agree to this, they’re not a top consulting company.

Do these three things during your next search for a top consulting company and you’ll find the most capable individual for the job in the least amount of time.

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Marketing for Consultants

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Today we are going to talk about marketing for consultants and I am going to bust a myth that is commonly shared among consultants. The myth is: referrals are the lifeblood of a consultant’s business. The philosophy continues by explaining if you are in the world of consulting and you want to build a consulting business, then you need to have a plethora of referrals. Today I am attacking that myth because it is not true and it steers a lot of consultants down the wrong path. Let me explain.

Referrals are great. First, the common understanding is that world of mouth is the best marketing and that is generally true because it’s free. When people discuss your business in your absence, that’s free promotion. That is a good deal. Second, it is often said that referrals create the best leads and that’s also true. When people have been referred, typically they are already sold on doing business with you and you don’t have to do any heavy selling. Third, common knowledge is referrals cut through the client’s red tape. For example, if you are selling to an organization with two, three, or four decision makers being referred limits the amount of engagement you need to have with each and every person. There is already a sense of comfort with you and you can begin the your good work faster. All of those things I agree with, but there are a number of things not typically mentioned about referrals.

Referrals are flawed. You have to ask for referrals. Referral clients do not magically appear and past clients don’t walk up to strangers and say “Hey, you should do business with John Brown.” You must ask your existing client base to refer you. There has to be a process, a procedure or a method through which you consistently ask for referrals. Next, when someone gives you names of referrals there has to be a very structured way you respond and follow-up. This is a system and this system needs to be built and refined. Additionally, you need a group of existing clients if referrals are going to work for you. Who is going to refer you? Only those who have experienced your services already. So if you don’t have an existing base of clients, you don’t have anybody that can refer you. Finally, you can’t control referrals. It is hard to consistently put your business on a growth path because you don’t know when your next set of referrals are coming. If you don’t know where your next influx of business is coming from it is difficult to plan, hire, and budget like a mature business.

Coveted Consultants know they must advertise. Advertising allows you to measure return on investment. If you spend $1,000 for an advertisement you can measure how many clients you earned as a result of that advertisement. Maybe for every $10,000 you spend you get three clients as a result. Maybe for every $2,750 you spend you get eight clients as a result. Whatever the return is, you can measure it. You don’t need an existing client base, so you are not stuck if you don’t have clients to refer you. In fact, you can advertise without any existing clients at all. Most importantly, advertising increases the level of control and predictability in your business. As you refine your process, you learn that if you spend a certain amount of money, you will receive a certain number of clients.

Coveted Consultants know that marketing strategy involves a mix of activities. There are a number of things your business will deploy at the same time. You will mix referrals, advertising, launch campaigns, phone selling, etc in order to develop an intelligent marketing mix. That is my challenge to you today. Don’t just focus on referrals, but on your entire marketing mix, including advertising.

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How to Choose a Great Consultant Training Seminar

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Working as a consultant can be a great career move, but it can sometimes be a lonely occupation as well. Working by yourself, or with just a few colleagues, can be difficult, and it can be hard to get the information you need to grow your business and wow your clients.

One of the best ways to keep your business growing and make it even more successful is to attend ongoing training seminars designed specifically for the consultant community. If you feel you need to take advantage of new training opportunities for your own consulting business, use the following tips to find a great consultant training seminar.

Talk to Others in the Industry

Chances are you work with a wide variety of people, across many different job categories and industries, as part of your consulting business. You can use this network of individuals to help you find the consultant training you need to get your new business off the ground or grow your existing consulting firm. Ask others who have attended training seminars what they liked – and what they did not like – about the training they received. Harnessing the experience of others in the industry is one of the best ways to ensure you find a top quality seminar.

Leverage Your Current Network

Another way to choose a great seminar is to check with others who are in the same business. The need for ongoing training is a universal part of the consulting business, no matter what industry you choose to work in. Ask your friends who are consultants for various industries to recommend a quality training seminar. This will help you find the training you need, and help you avoid expensive training that is not worth the money.

Research the Seminar Providers

One of the most valuable things you can do when choosing a consultant training seminar is to research the individuals and companies who are providing the seminar. Are they currently working as professional consultants, or do they appear to do nothing but hold seminars? How many years of combined experience do the trainers bring to the seminars? What kind of reputation does the company providing the seminar have in the business community and the consulting world? Are the seminar marketing materials professional, polished and appealing? The answers to these questions can tell you are great deal about the professionalism and quality you can expect to receive when attending the seminar.

Convenient Dates and Times

While consultants work for themselves, it is their clients who call the shots. You need to be available when your clients need you, whether you feel the need to attend ongoing training or not. Look for a training seminar with convenient dates and times. This will help to ensure that you are available if a new client calls, or if you need to provide additional information to an existing customer. Attending the training seminar at night or over a weekend can maximize your time while minimizing any potential disruption to your business.

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Taxi! What Consultants Can Learn From Cab Drivers

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Most consultants are like cab drivers. Cab drivers run the meter. They throw the luggage in the trunk (that’s a $1.00 bag charge). They may or may not be personable. If you have extra passengers, that’s $1.50 each on top of the mileage. No smoking. And the radio is tuned to their favorite station – not yours.

Most consultants charge by the hour or the day. The meter is running. When you need a special report or their attendance at an onsite meeting, there’s your bag charge. They may or may not be personable to anyone other than the executive who hired them. If you need additional work or facilitation or expertise, there’s a fee “on top of the mileage.” And most times, you’re locked into their “radio station” – tuned to their methodologies, their licensed tools, their processes – not yours.

What if you came across a dramatically different kind of cab driver? Let’s call him Ike.

1. Ike has his own business card with his personal cell phone number, a rocket logo and a humorous tagline, such as “Strap in. Hang on. Here we go!” One of his cab’s notable features is the Hot Wheels steering wheel cover. Your initial impression might be that he is direct and, most importantly, fast.

2. In addition, Ike is a great listener. This would be in contrast to some “real character” cab drivers, who are great talkers.

3. Ike takes credit cards and proudly displays the Visa and American Express decals inside his cab. A credit card transaction costs him between 2 and 4% of every sale. (The cab company does NOT subsidize this fee – it’s up to each individual driver to decide whether to accept credit cards or not.) But it also makes him easy to do business with – and, coincidentally, increases the likelihood of getting a nice tip.

4. Ike is proactive and offers suggestions. For example, when a passenger asks Ike for a good restaurant recommendation, he has a few of his favorite places in mind and a restaurant guide available right in the front seat of the cab. Ike will offer to take his passenger to the restaurant, and also to come back at an appointed time to save the hassle of tracking down another cab. He is never late. Does Ike profit from this? Sure. Does Ike’s passenger? Sure. Will some cab drivers refuse to come back at a set time for fear of losing a juicier fare or a longer ride that may or may not come along? You bet.

5. When picking up or dropping off from the airport, Ike always finds out a little bit about his passenger. Is this his first time in town? How long is his visit? If Ike discovers that his passenger has come for business and hasn’t any time to see the sights or experience the city, he offers to take the passenger on a 10-minute sightseeing tour of downtown. Pointing out the highlights, sharing a little history, and telling a few stories, Ike has his passenger back on his way with a real flavor of the city that he loves. Is this a gimmick to add 10 minutes to the meter? With some cabbies, it might be. But Ike’s passion and knowledge and eagerness to share it with his passengers cannot be faked. Would a friend do the same for you on your way out of town? Absolutely.

Let’s turn our focus to the lessons for consulting. Feel free to compare these consulting tips with the corresponding lessons from the taxi business above.

1. Successful consultants stand apart – both in form and in substance. Sales trainer, consultant, and author Jeffrey Gitomer uses a half-dollar sized coin with his image and contact information (and some clever slogans like “In Sales We Trust”) engraved on it as his business card. People not only remember it, they keep it and they show it to their friends. Your initial impression might be that he is successful, funny, creative, and different than every other “me-too” sales trainer wearing a nice suit and carrying sharp white business cards (yawn).

2. Successful consultants are not good listeners. They’re DEEP listeners. “Good” listeners use surface tricks and techniques like “active listening” and “matching and mirroring.” Deep listeners listen with no agenda. Your listening focus should be on empathy – literally “feeling WITH” the client – and understanding the issues behind the issues. This isn’t a trick you learn in “consulting school.” This comes from your heart and your genuine interest in helping the client improve their situation. Deep listening will help you understand the real value that the client seeks from you.

3. Successful consultants are easy to do business with. One of the world’s finest consultants, Alan Weiss, says in his book Million Dollar Consulting, “you have to spend money to make money.” Part of that money should be spent on things that will make you easy to do business with. Some of these things are almost trivial – being able to accept credit cards, having an 800 number, etc. And some of these things will be a major investment of time, effort, thought, and energy. Like designing a resource-rich web presence or moving to value-based fee-setting so people get you and your expertise without concern over when you punch in and out on the time clock.

4. Successful consultants are proactive and offer suggestions. Flexibility is a great source of strength. So is forward movement. When consulting with large organizations, it is easy to fall into their trap of “analysis paralysis.” Especially with all the hype around “getting close to the customer.” The danger for consultants in getting too close to the customer is that you’ll get mired in the same quicksand you’ve been brought in to rescue them from! Keep moving, and always offer options. It could be as simple as “Plan A or B or C,” but giving choices always enhances collaboration and provides a sense of shared responsibility for outcomes. And it’s harder to say “No” when asked “Chocolate or Vanilla or Strawberry?” Ideally, your clients will say “Wow, they ALL sound delicious.” Then you are in a position to make a recommendation based on your deep listening (See #2!)

5. Successful consultants work from passion, knowledge, and eagerness to help. The irony of this is that the more easy and effortless the work for the consultant, the greater the value it has for the client. For the consultant, the intersection of joy and business is called profit. Marketer, speaker, and author Seth Godin believes that in any business relationship, the sooner you ask for money, the less you will get. This has interesting implications for the consulting business, where knowledge and expertise (and to a certain extent, even conversation) has monetary value.

I happen to believe in the concept of value-first selling. In other words, you should give clients valuable information and point them to resources they need, even before you’re hired. You should work to make prospects think, “Wow, this guy is a goldmine. Imagine what we’d get if we actually HIRED him.”

Now a lot of sales and consulting experts call this “spilling the candy in the lobby” and they advise strongly against it. And I would advise against it too – if you’re only carrying one bowl of candy. But without bragging, I can safely say that among great consultants (people who work at the intersection of passion and knowledge and eagerness to help), we’re a veritable candy store and are not likely to run out anytime soon by sharing our gifts with clients that are hungry for what we have to offer.

Would you help a friend with your knowledge and expertise? Sure you would. Perhaps clients are simply friends that pay you money? Think about it.

Beep, beep. “Hop in!”

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Could You Succeed in Consulting?

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In times of recession, a consulting business can be one of the most secure workplaces. When businesses are in trouble, or seeking more efficient and economical ways of operating, they turn to consultants for assistance and advice. Senior executives recognize that someone from outside the organization, who thinks strategically and is familiar with their marketplace, can often pinpoint areas that can be improved or streamlined. The objectivity of a consultant is as valuable as the skill and experience.

Consulting is big business and consultant careers are proving a popular choice among young graduates, who aim to join a top-notch consulting business and work their way up from being a humble analyst to becoming a senior consultant. Increasingly though, they may have to compete with experienced business gurus who move sideways from operational positions.

So what are the characteristics you need to succeed in a consultant career? With few exceptions, the best consultants are people who:

  • Really want to help others to achieve, and often step back from taking credit themselves.
  • Get a real buzz out of making a difference.
  • Are analytical and academic rather than hands-on.
  • Generate lots of ideas and think up new ways of doing things.
  • Are good at evaluating problems and finding possible solutions.
  • Can cultivate good working relationships and get the best out of people.
  • Are good listeners and are generally liked.
  • Work well within teams but can step up and take control if necessary.
  • Think logically and are able to keep tabs on the big picture while dealing with the details.
  • Can keep a strategic focus.
  • Have plenty of stamina and keep going as long as required.

They will, of course, also have the practical skills needed for writing readable reports and making impelling presentations. And they are usually highly computer literate, with experience in many software applications.

So you think your character and temperament fits with this list, and you have or can acquire the practical skills. Now you need to find the right consulting business niche for your consultant career.

The largest sector in consulting is information technology, so if you are a computer whizz kid, that’s the way to go. Marketing is another aspect where consultants are used, sometimes as an outsourced department, more often to advise and coach an in-house team. Some consulting businesses specialize in Change Management. Others advise businesses or organizations in particular market sectors, such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, and so on. There are consultants to the water industry, the oil industry, the railways and haulage businesses. The list can seem endless.

A major consulting business will employ a range of skilled consultants, so the opportunities for consultant careers are wider. A smaller consulting business is more likely to specialize and rely on its reputation in a well defined area.

Look carefully at your interests and experience, so you can aim to position yourself where you will be able to enjoy the work you get, and are most likely to succeed.

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